Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rock Chick Vicky in the Boudoir

Has I've mentioned before a large number of our ladies don't allow us use their image as they as personal to them ...but when we do get brave ladies, its great news for us!!, as we can show you all our latest goings on, new poses , ideas and of course fab work!!. Vicky( travelled from Newcastle to see us!!) has been brave and kind enough to let us show her gallery on the blog. Vic is a true Rock Chick and we really 'rocked that look' in the Boudoir. I absolutely LOVE this shoot. Thanks Vicky!!!:) xx 

Vicky's Feedback...The whole experience and seeing these pics has been a massive boost to my dwindling confidence and I can not thank you enough for that!! Honestly, you are amazing and I am so pleased that I chose you as my photographer, I don't think anyone else could have made me feel so at ease and good about myself (the fact you were able to get me to go naked is an achievement in itself!!!) I have put myself down over the years to try and feel 'attractive'.. so to see the smile on my face at the realisation that I am an attractive woman means everything . So from both of us, we send you a massive thank you and throw you some respectful devil horns ...\m/..... rock out :D

And as you can see she mostly definitely a beautiful women:)

And more when she seen her finished images on the blog!!!..OMG my boobs are on the Internet!! Hahahaha. Pics look awesome and I'm really proud of them - thanks again hun, you were the perfect photographer for me to choose, I can't imagine anyone else having done such an amazing shoot! xx

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