Friday, 1 November 2013

Manchester and lancashire boudoir - lovely Lara!!

How excited was Rachael and myself when Lara walking into the studio!!....not only pretty but so lovely too.After searching the internet Lara found us and fell in love with the website and knew we were the team for her!!!...We have have lots of clients of late that have come to see via referral, or a pass client recommendation which is always so lovely too:)Boudoir bride is stil very popular too. Getting hitched have look at our sister site

Lancashire boudoir shoots - Tracey's shoot- jules fortune photography.

Busy bee at the moment, hence the lack of blogging!!... lots of ladies wanting to keep their shoots private too..but lucky for us Tracey has let us show her shoot to the world;). although we did a lots of tasteful topless and nude that Tracey has asked me not to this shoot. Tracey had our Diva shoot and teamed it with our luxury centre spread album...stunning!!!