Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lisa in the Boudoir- Lancashire

Lisa came to see me early in the year but has just given me permission to use her images, as she has had her wedding and hubbie is cool with the world seeing his wife in the boudoir!.. We also shot some naked images of Lisa , but we can't show you those as there are pruly for hubbie:)... a beautiful shoot ...hope you agree.

Lisa's Feedback.....I managed to have a sneaky peek at the images last night - they're all amazing! Thanks for yesterday, never would have imagined you'd make me feel so comfortable I'd be stripping off completely! Can you pass my thanks to Rachael too, she was lovely and did a fab job.

And after Hubbie seen them!....Hi Jules, We've just got back from honeymoon. Wedding was fantastic and yes he did indeed love them, typically his faves were the footie shirt ones....typical man!! Thanks again for your excellent work, I'd definitely recommend you to any of my friends, I may even be back for another one myself!..Love Lisa  x 

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